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Shaw's Women interview

Robert Gillespie is something of a familiar TV face, thanks to his myriad small screen appearances, most notably in sitcoms such as ‘Keep It In The Family’, though of course, like many actors successful on the small screen, he’s had a rich theatrical career too, as an actor, director, and writer.

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Entertainment Focus interviews

Robert Gillespie

Entertainment Focus’ Greg Jameson recently gained an insight into the remarkable career of actor, director and sometime writer Robert Gillespie. After seeing his play Love, Question Mark and ranking it our top theatre production of 2011, we were keen to catch up with him before his next production, Making Dickie Happy, hits the stage at the Tristan Bates Theatre in March.

Whilst Robert Gillespie is a readily-recognisable face thanks to his roles in countless British films, dramas and sitcoms, especially for his starring role in Keep It In The Family, he’s devoted as much of his career, if not more, to the theatre, where we feel his heart really lies.

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