Are You Going to do That Little Jump?
the memoirs of Robert Gillespie
Signed Edition (Hardback)

Robert Gillespie (author)
176 Pages
Published: 05/10/17
Publisher: Jane Nightwork Productions
ISBN: 978-1-9997993-0-4
Weight: 800gm
Dimensions: 194 x 254 mm
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Robert Gillespie

Robert Gillespie has been in the business since the early 1950s and has rarely been out of work since. He recently appeared alongside Sean Bean in Jimmy McGovern’s Broken, driving Woody Harrelson in Lost in London, recounting Hamlet at Edinburgh to Jack Whitehall in the BBC’s Festival Tales, and will soon be seen in Mike Leigh’s latest film, Peterloo.

Best-known to television audiences as Dudley Rush, the cartoonist of classic comedy Keep It in the Family, Robert has appeared in most of the best-loved British sitcoms of all time, including Rising Damp, The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin, Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads, Dad’s Army, The Good Life and many more.

With a career spanning seven decades and counting, which has encompassed working with stars such as Richard Burton, Claire Bloom and Michael Caine, and directors such as Joan Littlewood, George Devine and Peter Hall, there are plenty of theatrical tales for Robert to tell.

From a childhood flight from the Nazis to working in apartheid-era South Africa, Gillespie puts his life and work in the context of the world he found himself in, and offers many insights into the stagecraft and profession that has been his life’s work. Are You Going to do That Little Jump? goes beyond the usual actor’s reminiscences. These pages contain hilarious, poignant, at times provocative but always compellingly honest assessments of Gillespie’s time—training at RADA, starting out with the Old Vic Theatre Company and being part of Joan Littlewood’s radical Theatre Workshop—that shed fresh light on Twentieth Century theatre history, and which will nudge readers into reappraising their views on the golden age of British theatre.

Robert Gillespie’s memoirs take readers on the first part of a journey through theatre history up to the present day. Are You Going to do That Little Jump? is the product of a born storyteller with a razor-sharp wit and a penchant for telling it as he sees it.